Just for Kids: Bathing Your Dog

Just for Kids: Bathing Your Dog

Just like you, your dog needs to take baths. Some dogs need baths more often than others. If your dogs likes to play outside he may need frequent baths. Just make sure you don't bathe him too much because that might remove oil from his coat and make his skin dry. Once a month might be enough. You can ask your veterinarian when you should bathe your dog.

Where To Bathe Your Dog

You can bathe your dog in the bathtub or outside with a hose if the weather is warm enough. You should keep him on a leash so that he doesn't run away.

Things You'll Need

Your parents may want to help you when you give your dog a bath. You will need some items before you start:

  • Shampoo. Make sure it is made for dogs.
  • Washcloth or sponge
  • Towels
  • Brush and comb
  • A bath mat if you are using the bathtub
  • Eye ointment or Vaseline®

    How To Give the Bath

    Make sure your dog enjoys his bath. Talk to him during the bath. Say, "Good Dog" a lot.

  • First, brush his coat to loosen any dirt or mats. Then lead him to the bathtub and get him in. Your parents can help with this.
  • Protect his eyes from the shampoo with a special eye ointment prescribed by your dog's veterinarian.
  • Use a plastic pitcher or bottle to pour water on his coat to make it wet.
  • Pour some shampoo in your hand and rub it into his coat. Make him nice and soapy.
  • Rinse your dog with lots of water. Don't leave any soap behind or he might get itchy.
  • Dry him with a towel. He will probably want to shake, too, so stand back or you will get wet! If the weather is warm enough, take him outside.
  • If you need to use a hair dryer, request your parents help.
  • Brush him again to make his coat soft and shiny and free of tangles.
  • Keep him warm and away from drafts until his coat is dry.
  • Give him a big hug and tell him, "Good dog." Doesn't he smell good?

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