50 Names for Your Boston Terrier

50 Names for Your Boston Terrier

A Boston Terrier in mid-air.A Boston Terrier in mid-air.
A Boston Terrier in mid-air.A Boston Terrier in mid-air.

Judge, America’s first Boston Terrier, reached the nation’s shores in 1870. Arriving from Liverpool, the dog looked much more like an English Bulldog than the energetic, tuxedo-colored breed we know today. More than a century and several generations of breeding later, the Boston Terrier is a perennial favorite among America’s dog lovers and a sprightly addition to any home.

Need a name for your new Boston Terrier? Scroll on for 50 suggestions from the PetPlace team.

25 Names for Your Boston Terrier

  1. Affleck
  2. Bean
  3. Brady
  4. Bruin
  5. Celtic
  6. Chowder
  7. Cliff
  8. Crimson
  9. Damon
  10. Dunkin
  11. Gent
  12. Homer
  13. Norm
  14. Patrick
  15. Patriot
  16. Pilgrim
  17. Quincy
  18. Revere
  19. Sox
  20. Southie
  21. Tufts
  22. Tuxedo
  23. Wally
  24. Washington
  25. Winthrop

10 Names for a Male Boston Terrier

  1. Charles
  2. Judge
  3. Marty
  4. Pat
  5. Pierce
  6. Red
  7. Sam
  8. Tom
  9. Tux
  10. Yaz

10 Names for a Female Boston Terrier

  1. Abbie
  2. Beanie
  3. Cheers
  4. Domino
  5. Emerald
  6. Ireland
  7. Kennedy
  8. Kerry
  9. Lesley
  10. Liberty

5 Names for a Large Boston Terrier

  1. Fenway
  2. Gronk
  3. Marky Mark
  4. Papi
  5. Slugger

A Guide to the Boston Terrier

Picking out a name is just the first step in caring for a new Boston Terrier, check out our comprehensive breed guide to learn more about providing everything your new puppy needs.

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